What is the relationship between greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and yields?

Inhibited products give farmers a tool, to lower the contribution of agriculture to climate change and allow an efficient nutrient use (more N for crops).

Fertilizer with enchanced efficiency (EEF) – smart solution for growing demand

How to synchronize nutrient supply with a plant current needs? The solution is to upgrade the fertilizer, to slow down the natural degradation processes and raise its efficiency.

A forgotten nutrient?

Sulfur deficiency is a worldwide problem which is gradually growing and negatively affecting yield volume and quality.

Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers. Versatile effects and higher efficiency of Aqualis®UP

Aqualis® UP solub is a multi-talent champion among water-soluble fertilizers. In addition to its nutritional properties, it also has beneficial side effects, which save farmer´s time and money and lead to profit maximization

Sustainable intensification of agricultural production

The world requires new sustainable technological solutions to further quantitatively intensify agriculture. The rapidly increasing human population intensifies the global demand for food, feed, fiber and biofuel. In order to provide enough supply, agricultural productivity needs to be enhanced