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Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers. Versatile effects and higher efficiency of Aqualis®UP

Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers (WSF) are an advanced and the most efficient fertilizing technology, which provides plants with the necessary nutrients ready to uptake and directly to the place of uptake. However, drip irrigation requires high quality products, completely soluble in water and free of impurities, to avoid blockages in the irrigation system. That is why Aqualis® UP solub is especially interesting product among WSF. In addition to its nutritional properties, it also has beneficial side effects, which save farmer´s time and money and lead to profit maximization.

EuroChem Aqualis® water-soluble fertilizers are a complete range of products that make fertigation even more effective. It provides considerable water savings and fixed dosage of fertilizers, resulting in optimized crop nutrition and increased crop quality and yields. Aqualis® UP solub is a multi-talent champion among water-soluble fertilizers. Application of UP in fertigation and foliar feed stimulates plant earliness (early flowering) on calcareous soil (high pH), improves product qualities and increases the harvest volume. Besides, due to its high acidity, UP solub can serve as cleaning measure for the irrigation system, especially in hard water areas (with excess of Calcium, Magnesium or bicarbonate). After adopting Aqualis® UP solub in the fertigation plan there is no need to use any other acidifying solution in most cases.

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UP solub – nutrition with high P, that cleans your irrigation system

Aqualis® UP solub

is ideal for any crop at the start of the vegetative development, when the plant requires large quantities of phosphorus to form a strong developed root system and at the same time also requires nitrogen for the vegetative growth. In P deficient crops or in critical phenological phases UP solub can provide a quick P source to solve the deficiency via foliar application

The advantages of UP solub fertilizer at a glance:

  • doesn´t depend on rain events/soil moisture
  • the risk of nutrient losses is reduced
  • provides much faster and direct nutrient supply
  • stimulates stressed and diseased plants
  • reduces the pH of the nutrient solution for a high nutrient absorption
  • prevents clogging and cleans clogged emitters
  • delivers P and N to the plants to ideally support early development stages and other critical phonological stages

However, foliar feeding can never replace soil fertilization (especially for macro-nutrients the applied amounts are far too low), it is used as a measure to give a quick boost to alleviated nutrient deficiencies, which restrict yield formation (for example P deficiency in corn youth development) or to stimulate stressed and diseased plants. Especially taking into account that some soil conditions cause nutrients to be less available to crop roots, for example in cool excessively wet conditions in alkaline soil. In this case, foliar application is the only solution for a quick effect.

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