Urea 46,2 granulated

With a nitrogen content of 46,2%, granulated urea has the highest concentration of nutrients of all nitrogen fertilizers. The nitrogen exists in the form of urea nitrogen. Through transformation processes in the soil, within a few days the nitrogen is first converted into ammonium, and then, in a second transformation process, it is converted into nitrate. The fertilizer can be used on all agricultural and horticultural crops on any application date.

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Product benefits

  • Homogeneous, pure white granules
  • Consistent high quality and nutrient concentration
  • Universally applicable, suitable for all agricultural and horticultural crops
  • Good transport and storage qualities: free flowing thanks to surface refinement, non-dust-forming
  • Good spreading behaviour thanks to a balanced range of granule sizes
  • Refined surface prevents caking

Nutrient composition

  • Total nitrogen (N)46,2 %
    • Ureic nitrogen (NH₂-N)46,2%