CAN 27
(calcium ammonium nitrate)

The nitrogenous fertilizer with high efficiency

Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), the granulated nitrogen fertilizer, guarantees the secure supply of plants with nitrogen. The combination of ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen makes CAN an all-rounder for all fertilizer measures. The excellent granulation and specific surface coating guarantee that it can be stored optimally and has very good spreading properties with working widths of over 40 m.

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Product benefits

  • Fast and needs-based plant nutrition with nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen
  • Reduces the need for lime
  • Granulated in tried-and-tested quality for secure storage
  • Balanced range of grain sizes and high specific weight for secure, even distribution over 40m spreading widths
  • Targeted inventory management through split applications of fertilizer

Nutrient composition

  • Total nitrogen (N)27,0 %
    • Nitric nitrogen (NO₃-N)13,5 %
    • Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH₄-N)13,5 %
  • Calcium oxide (CaO)12,0 %*
    • *The content varies due to the use of natural resources