Aqualis® UP solub

Nutrition with high P, that cleans your irrigation system

Aqualis® UP solub is the water-soluble Urea Phosphate of EuroChem. It is ideal when growing any crop, especially in alkaline conditions and can be used in foliar or fertigation applications.  The high acidity of Aqualis® UP solub helps to clean the irrigation system and prevents clogging, which is especially useful in hard water situations.

Use UP solub in any crop at the start of the vegetative development, when the plant requires large quantities of phosphorus to form a strong developed root system and at the same time also requires nitrogen for the vegetative growth.

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Product benefits

  • UP solub is an acidic crystalline fertilizer
  • Compared to other phosphate fertilizers, UP solub has the highest solubility, reaching 1000 g/l at 20ºC
  • UP solub is the ideal phosphorous source when growing any crop, especially in alkaline conditions
  • Contains 17,5% of nitrogen in the amidic form (NH₂)
  • UP solub is a dry acid and therefore more convenient to handle than other acids in liquid form, such as phosphoric, sulfuric or nitric acid
  • The low pH of UP solub cleans the irrigation system and prevents the clogging of the irrigation emitters, especially when hard water (with excess of Calcium, Magnesium or bicarbonate)
  • After adopting UP solub in the fertigation plan there is no need to use any other acidifying solution in most cases
  • Eco-friendly: negligible amounts of heavy metals
  • Available in 25 kg Polypropylene bags or 1200 kg big bags

Nutrient composition

  • Nitrogen (NH₂-N)17,5 %
  • Phosphorus pentoxide (P₂O₅)44,0%
    • Phosphorus (P) equivalent19,0%
  • Solubility (20°C)1000g/L water
  • EC (0,1 % at 25°C)1,6 mS/cm
  • pH (5% solution)1,6
  • FormCrystalline
  • ColourWhite

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