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Introducing Croplex®

A new complex crop nutrition solution for early growth stages

EuroChem Croplex® is a balanced nitrogen-phosphate fertilizer for direct application, ideally suited for complex crop nutrition during early growth stages. Croplex® reduces crop nutrient segregation, while ensuring better distribution of essential plant nutrients thanks to a perfectly balanced homogenous source. All formulations include sulfur; some also come with boron and zinc.

Two forms of sulfur to better feed plants

Sulfur supports optimal nitrogen use and promotes yield and quality gains. Without S, N cannot be fully used for growth and yield formation, as sulfur is an essential driver of conversion from ammonium and nitrate to amino acids in plants. Sulfur in sulfate form can be directly absorbed by plants, ensuring fast uptake. Elemental sulfur needs to be converted by oxidizing microorganisms before it can be taken up by plants, thus providing a long lasting S supply.

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Sulfur deficiency is growing globally, partly because of better environmental control and cleaner fertilizer production. Farming today needs additional sources of S to achieve yield goals.


Croplex® provides sulfur in both sulfate and elemental forms to satisfy immediate nutrient uptake requirements while also ensuring longer-term availability.

Sulfate S for rapid needs, elemental S for extended plant feeding

Croplex® incorporates micronized elemental S and sulfate S in a 50-50 ratio, providing a sustainable supply of sulfur throughout the growing season.

Smaller is better

A positive correlation exists between the surface area and the oxidation speed of elemental S into sulfate S. The more particles per unit of elemental S, the bigger the total surface area. The micronized sulfur particles in Croplex® provide a large total surface area in contact with the soil.

Each Croplex® granule has the same nutrient content. Coupled with very high granule uniformity, Croplex® ensures proper and balanced nutrient distribution in the field.


Essential nutrients
Promotes optimal nitrogen usage
Consistent application
Quality raw materials
Visible quality
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