Croplex 12-40-0 (+10S +Zn)

Quick start and steady growth

EuroChem Croplex is a balanced nitrogen-phosphate starter fertilizer for direct application, ideally suited for early growth stages.
Croplex allows for the direct application of essential crop nutrients without concerns of blend segregation. Sulfur supports optimal nitrogen use and promotes yield and quality gains. The supplemental presence of sulfur in both sulfate and elemental forms satisfies immediate nutrient uptake requirements while also ensuring longer-term availability. Zinc is involved in the synthesis of many plant growth regulators and enzymes.
Everything is combined in one homogenous granule to allow easier application and even spreading of nutrients. Croplex represents visible quality, from granule size and color, to field application, to plant growth.
Croplex helps to establish growth, increasing yields and crop quality.

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Product benefits

  • Essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphate, sulfur and zinc working together to grow more
  • Promotes optimal nitrogen usage: sulfate and elemental forms of sulfur ensure rapid uptake and longer-term availability of nitrogen
  • Consistent application: homogenous sized granules ensure consistent and even nutrient distribution
  • Sustainable product: low heavy metal content
  • Visible quality: distinctive color and uniformity of size and shape

Nutrient composition

  • Total nitrogen (N)12,0%
    • Ammoniacal nitrogen12,0%
  • Phosphorus pentoxide (P₂O₅) 40,0%
    • Phosphorus pentoxide (P₂O₅) soluble in water 38,0%
  • Total sulfur (S) 10,0%
    • Sulfur trioxide (SO₃) corresponds to25,0%
    • Water soluble sulfur (S)4,2%
    • Water soluble sulfur trioxide (SO₃) corresponds to10,5%
  • Total zinc (Zn)1,0%

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