The stabilized urea fertilizer for optimal nitrogen efficiency

UTEC is a stabilised urea fertilizer, including a urease inhibitor. When urea is normally applied to crops, it can have the highest loss of NH₃ of all common fertilizers.  UTEC significantly reduces this nitrogen loss, provides effective nutrient supply and flexible urea application.

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Product benefits

  • New generation of urea fertilizer
  • Less volatilization, higher performance
  • Stabilized urea allows longer nitrogen availability
  • Efficient nitrogen uptake
  • Environmentally friendly usage of urea

Nutrient composition

  • Total nitrogen (N)46,0 %

Average yield increase of 5% when using UTEC 46 versus untreated urea.  Data gained from 53 trials, in various crops and countries.


Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) increased by 12% when using UTEC 46 versus untreated urea.  Data gained from 13 trials.


UTEC 46 reduced NH₃ emissions by 75 % compared to untreated urea.

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