stimulUS® 38-0-0 (+7,5S)

Dual growth support

EuroChem stimulUS® granulated mineral fertilizer combines the strength of nitrogen and sulfur to give your crops a double advantage.

Crops need nitrogen and sulfur to develop, but sulfur balances in agricultural fields are reducing. A sulfur-enriched nutrition allows farmers to improve nitrogen use efficiency and promote yield and quality gains.

The presence of nitrogen in both highly-effective ammonium and ureic forms ensures N supply while the sulfate-sulfur supports optimal nitrogen use at every stage of growth. stimulUS provides maximum nutrient uptake efficiency and minimal losses. The combination of nutrients in one granule provides for a smooth and consistent application of vital plant nutrition without unnecessary fieldwork.

® = Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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Product benefits

  • Easy application and even distribution: homogenous hard granules (95% between 2–5 mm)
  • No nutrient segregation: both nutrients in one granule
  • Readily available sulfur: sulfate-sulfur form ensures full utilization by plants
  • Growth support at all stages: sulfur encourages the utilization of nitrogen for fast uptake and optimal development
  • Universal ratio: increases yield and quality by promoting more efficient plant nutrient uptake
  • Guaranteed product quality & consistency: produced from our own high-quality resources

Nutrient composition

  • Total nitrogen (N)38,0%
    • Ammoniacal nitrogen6,0%
    • Ureic nitrogen29,0%
  • Total sulfur (S) 7,5%
    • Water soluble sulfur (SO₃) corresponds to18,7%

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