(defluorinated phosphate)

High-performance feed material for animal feed/premix production with a high concentration of soluble phosphorus form.
DFP (defluorinated phosphate) is non-hydroscopic and free-flowing powder or granules, from light-brown to dark-brown colour. It is produced from Kovdor apatite concentrate in a carefully controlled process in presence of phosphoric acid and sodium source. This process distills fluorine and provides the formation of bioavailable phosphorus.
DFP is used in all animal feeds and premixes. Good bioavailability of nutrients makes DFP an important source of P, Ca and Na in products of concentrates, compound feeds, mineral feed and other feed for cattle, pigs, poultry and all other animals.

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Product benefits

  • High concentration of bioavailable phosphorus
  • Calcium-Phosphorus-Ratio: 1.6-1.7
  • High nutritional density
  • Extremely low contents of undesirable substances, in particular Cadmium
  • Easy handling and uniform dispersion in mixed feeds and minerals

Nutrient composition

  • P, %, min18
  • Ca, %, min30
  • Na, %, min5
  • F, %, max0.2
  • As, mg/kg, max10
  • Pb, mg/kg, max15
  • Cd, mg/kg, max10
  • Hg, mg/kg, max0.1
  • Moisture, %0.1–0.2
  • Bulk density kg/m³1450–1500

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