Superior Quality – the decisive characteristic of all EuroChem fertilizers

High-quality raw materials, a uniform particle size spectrum and good storage characteristics are only a few of our claims

Stringent requirements

In order to maintain our competitive advantages, we impose stringent requirements on both ourselves and our suppliers to protect and guarantee product quality. Using all options available to us, we ensure to the best of our ability that the fertilizers marketed by EuroChem are produced, stored, transported, marketed and used in a safe way – with the ultimate goal of reducing risks for customers, nature and the environment.

Taking care of the product journey

EuroChem’s production standards and quality control processes ensure that our products are of consistently high quality. However, the journey from production site to a farmer’s field involves many stages, each of which can influence product quality. To help maintain the integrity of our products at every stage of their journey we encourage customers to consult our  Fertilizer handling handbook.